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Mardi Gras Bingo, Saturday, February 22nd

Mark your calendars for Bingo on Saturday, February 22nd It’s an opportunity to have a lot of fun, win prizes and support Holy Family Church. Invite your friends to sample the food and have an evening of fun. The cost at the door will be $30. If you pre order for the Early Bird Special by February 1st (send request with check), you will save $5. This offer is only valid on reservations received by February 1st. Mail your request and a check to the address listed below to take advantage of the "Early Bird" special or drop in the Church Box.

Early Bird Bingo Registration – February 1st deadlineMail to:
1960 Lexington Avenue South, Mendota Heights, MN 55118  

Saint Maron, Patron of the Maronite Church

Saint Maron whose feast day is February the 9th lived from 350 AD until 410 AD in a region close to Antioch, between Syria, Turkey and the Mediterranean. In his young age he was ordained priest and decided to live in the hill countryside of Aleppo in the present Syria and lived the life of a hermit in prayer and meditation, constantly living the ascetic life of fasting, sacrifice, depravation, and purification of the soul. He received grace from the Lord to heal people from sickness of the body and the soul. Many were attracted to his example and became his followers and formed communities of monks that filled the wilderness in Syria and Lebanon. They founded a monastery in his name soon after his death. Little more than two centuries later, during the rise of Islam, the superior of Saint Maron Monastery in Syria, Saint John Maron, was elected First Maronite Patriarch who took the lead of the Maronite Church in Syria and Lebanon. The Maronite Church is characterized by its full union with the Roman Catholic Church since its establishment while preserving its Antiochean Syriac Aramaic traditions.

Faith Formation Program

Faith Formation has resumed. All children of school age are welcome to join. Children in second grade must attend in order to make their First Communion. Thank you once again to our faculty for their dedication and support of this program which is essential for our youth and the future of our parish. Please fill out a form outside the Church Office and/or contact program director Gary Schwery at (651-252-8066) for more detailed information or to sign your child up. Please register as soon as possible. Check Calendar for dates and times classes are held.

Scholarship Available

Men’s Club Scholarship: Higher Education Scholarship

All high school seniors and current students pursing a higher education are eligible up to a $500 scholarship. This scholarship is available through the Holy Family Men’s Club who is sponsoring members of our community who are seeking post high school programs. The criteria is clearly defined in the application form and all who meet the criteria are welcome to apply.

Application Forms Available in the Church Narthex or Church Office.

Your Maronite Heritage

The Maronite church, one of the largest Eastern-rite communities of the Roman Catholic church, prominent especially in modern Lebanon; it is the only Eastern-rite church that has no non-Catholic or Orthodox counterpart. The Maronites derive their name from the Syriac Christian saint Maron, some of whose followers migrated to the area of Mount Lebanon from their previous place of residence which was located around the area of Antioch, and established the nucleus of the Syriac Maronite Church.

The Maronites believe that their heritage dates back to the time of Jesus. They were one of the Christian sects in the Middle East to remain intact after the Islamic revolution of the seventh century AD .

Click here to learn more about the Lebanese Saints...

Our Faith and Saints

Learn About Some of the Lebanese Saints

Are you curious about Saint Maron, Saint Sharbel, Saint Rafka and other Lebanese saints?  Here's a short introduction to the Maronite faith and some of its Celebrated Saints.

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