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Weekend Liturgies are broadcast live on Facebook
Parishioners are asked NOT TO ATTEND in person

Weekend liturgies are broadcast live on Facebook (CLICK HERE) even if you don't have a Facebook account.
Saturday 4 pm: Mass.
Sunday 10 am: Mass.

Holy Family's Upcoming Events:
Holy Week: April 5-11, 2020

Please note that all  in-person meetings have been suspended and all liturgies and religious events will be broacast live on our Facebook page

For more events, please consult the Bulletin or Calendar or the Upcoming Events Page.

A Message from Abouna Emmanuel

April 2020

Abouna Emmanuel

Dear brothers and sisters, members and friends of the Holy Family,

I hope you are all keeping safe with your families at home.

In these uncertain days, when everybody is enclosed with their families at home, not able to come to church for all of these very much missed masses and various church activities, the church bulletin, more than ever becomes the main way of communicating between church and community . Nobody could have imagined such a situation. Cancelling masses, Faith Formation, choir practice, MYO meetings, Lenten dinners, bible studies, all activities and meetings, was a very painful but necessary decision. However, we must comply with decisions of both our Eparchy and the Saint Paul Archdiocese. Safety comes first for you and your families. Some parish activities have been converted to online virtual services via live-streaming on Facebook and the church website. Masses and services are still being celebrated on time, but with no physical attendance and live-streamed on the Church Facebook and website, keeping us in touch with over 570 worshippers and (temporarily) aiding them in fulfilling their spiritual obligation of attending mass (4 PM Saturday and 10 AM Sunday) from their homes. Thanks to Gary Kloncz, for installing updated technology which allows us to provide live-streaming to all. Weekday masses may be streamed when feasible. We are still working on having a better image and a better sound so parishioners can be better served. Please remember that virtual attendance at mass is only temporary due to difficult times of inability to attend mass in person. This difficult period has a positive side: it has united families. Parents, their children and grandchildren united at home, the whole day and night, where like the old times, they can enjoy being together praying, eating, playing, for few weeks. No nights out, no eating out. Nobody wants to be in this situation caused by the coronavirus, but we need a positive side of it to help us survive through it. Many of our families have transformed a corner in their house to a small chapel where they gather for daily prayers. Many homes have become a church extension where prayers are there daily like shopping and cooking. I know how frustrated our parishioners and friends are feeling now for not being able to attend mass and it is a beautiful action to dedicate few minutes daily for short prayers morning, noon and night, and an hour of their time to pray and attend mass on the church’s Facebook, which includes with an act of Spiritual Communion.

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Holy Week Schedule

Please note that all religious events will be broadcast on our Facebook Page
Parishioners are asked NOT to attend in person

HOLY WEEK: Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday on April 5, right after Saturday of the resurrection of Lazarus in Bet Anya, a few miles from Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is a meditation on the humbleness and simplicity of the Lord. Although He raised Lazarus from the dead revealing His great glory and divinity as the Son of God, He was so happy and moved by the simple and sincere praises of the children of Jerusalem who were shouting Hosanna in the Highest (Houshaana fil aali, or in Aramaic Hoosha’no bamrowmeh), holding palm and olive branches walking with the Lord who was entering the city of Jerusalem as king of their hearts.

On Holy Wednesday, at 6 PM we will celebrate the ritual of the Lamp and blessing of the oils. The mass will be live-streamed. If possible, arrangements will be made so that parishioners can obtain some of the blessed oil for their homes.

On Holy Thursday at 6 PM, we celebrate the Last Supper and Washing of the Feet Ritual with live streaming. The ritual will follow the safety measures determined by bishops. It will be followed by 2 hours of Adoration of the Holy Sacrament. The Adoration will be concluded by Benediction with the Holy Sacrament at 9 PM.

On Great (Holy) Friday of the Crucifixion of the Lord, the service will be live streamed at 6 PM.

Easter Masses will be live streamed Saturday, April 11 at 4 PM and Sunday, April 12 at 10 AM.

Confessions/Personal Communion: Originally scheduled confessions have been CANCELLED. Please contact Abouna to arrange for a personal confession and/or actual communion. PLEASE NOTE: On Saturday, April 11, Abouna will be conducting "Drive Through" confessions in the parking lot from 10 AM until noon.

Palm Branches: Palm branches will be available for parishioners to pick-up at the church door on Palm Sunday, April 5, after liturgy, beginning at 11 AM.

Flowers: Flowers are still requested for Great (Holy) Friday and Easter Sunday.

Faith Formation Program Held Online

To combat the spread of the coronavirus, the Holy Family Faith Formation Program will be held Online Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm until further notice.  Please take all precautions in your family to maintain your safety and the safety of the people around you.

Your Maronite Heritage

The Maronite church, one of the largest Eastern-rite communities of the Roman Catholic church, prominent especially in modern Lebanon; it is the only Eastern-rite church that has no non-Catholic or Orthodox counterpart. The Maronites derive their name from the Syriac Christian saint, Maron, some of whose followers migrated to the area of Mount Lebanon from their previous place of residence which was located around the area of Antioch, and established the nucleus of the Syriac Maronite Church.

The Maronites believe that their heritage dates back to the time of Jesus. They were one of the Christian sects in the Middle East to remain intact after the Islamic revolution of the seventh century AD .

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Parishioners are asked not to attend in person
Wed-Thu-Fri 9 am. Service MAY be broadcast live on Facebook
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All in-person church councils and group meetings are suspend until further notice.
Please keep safe. Your safety is our priority.

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