Abouna's Message of the Month

Dear brothers and sisters, members and friends of the Holy Family,

I hope you are all doing fine with the grace of the Lord and having a blessed season of Lent.  The month of March leads us through the Lenten Season that prepares us for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter. Many events fall in this month beginning with the principal feast day of the Maronite calendar. The feast day of Saint John Maron on March 2nd. He is the first patriarch elect in the history of the Maronite Church at the end of the 7th Century AD.

The season of Lent began on Ash Monday, February 24, according to the Maronite Calendar with masses at 9AM and 6PM. The Ritual of the Ashes commenced the start of our prayers, fasting, repentance, confessions and purification that go to the Lord. The faithful are asked to take this opportunity of the Season of Lent to focus on their spiritual life and enrich their faith and their souls by committing themselves in their daily prayers and the giving up of things and vices they are attached to, exercise fasting and sharing of spare food with the needy. This season is a perfect occasion for all of us to examine our consciences and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation which is mandatory for all Catholics, Maronites and Roman, at least once a year. May we all pray that our families and parishioners will be blessed in this season. To help in this endeavor, Holy Family will be celebrating the Stations of the Cross every Friday at 4 PM.

Following the Stations of the Cross, we will be hosting our popular Lenten dinners the first six Fridays of Lent from 4:30PM to 7 PM. A portion of your generosity goes to help needy persons and children faith oriented programs.

During this Season of Lent, the church organized an abundant and rich session of faith enrichment in a series of Bible studies all Saturdays of Lent in March every Saturday from 5PM to 6PM. It is open to everyone, parishioners and visitors alike. The session is prepared by George Younes, an expert scholar on the Bible and Maronite and Catholic Spirituality.

Thursday, March 19, is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the chosen father of the Holy Family. On Wednesday, March 25, we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.

Please tell your relatives and friends that they can access the church bulletin and announcements which are updated daily on the church website: holyfamilymaronitechurch.org, and also Facebook, which is accessible from the website. Sunday masses are live streaming on Facebook for those who didn’t have chance to attend in person. We thank all who made this possible.

God Bless You All. 
Father Emmanuel Nakhle-Ghorr, Pastor

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