Abouna's Message of the Month

Dear brothers and sisters, members and friends of the Holy Family,

After a nice summer break, when many of you were on vacation we are glad to come back together to continue our walk in the church’s dynamic mission of evangelization and preserving our heritage. Evangelization is not only being sent to an unknown land to preach the Gospel and feed the poor. Evangelization is practiced every day in our own house, within our family, church and community. It can be by participating in church activities, including the encouragement of others to join in and volunteer for special events and activities throughout the year. One of the most obvious is the biggest annual event for Holy Family: our Fall Festival. It is unique. It is a great opportunity to bring in new persons of all age groups, capacities and talents, and introduce them to our parish members. Many people in today’s society feel lonely and have no one to talk to, no friends, not even a spiritual guide. They would love to belong to an active and dynamic community of Catholic faith such as Holy Family and participate in activities and in beautifully rich liturgies all year round. They can see the depth of our liturgy and learn about the history of the church since its beginning, including the opportunity to hear the Aramaic Syriac language as spoken not only by our Lord and his apostles but by the people of that society.

This is what is so wonderful about Holy Family. Evangelization is practiced in every activity, in every event, and especially at the Fall Festival which will be held September 6-7-8. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parishioners and friends that volunteers are still needed for the Festival, especially on Sunday September 8th. Please either sign up for a shift or contact Gloria Deeb-Reyes, Jackie Gubash-Mueller or the church office, to volunteer. Remember, this is our largest fundraising event for the church.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express on behalf of the entire parish, our gratitude and many thanks to all the families and individuals who show their constant support and generosity to the church. Your generosity is highly appreciated and makes a huge impact on our church life and mission. Thank you to all who have and continue to donate. May God reward your generosity.

Lastly, September 13th will mark the fifth anniversary of my appointment as pastor of Holy Family Church, and the 33rd anniversary of my ordination (September 13, 1986). I ask for your prayers and support and express my appreciation to all for your support and care. Wishing you a blessed month of September, the church is glad to offer all spiritual assistance needed for all parishioners and friends.

Father Emmanuel Nakhle-Ghorr, Pastor

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