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Sunday November 10th Church Breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by Leach family on behalf of George and Annette Bejany. Portion of proceeds go to children in Lebanon to keep Christianity presence.


Sunday November 10th Mass at the Bascilica 4:30 pm

Chorbishop Sharbel Maroun will be offering mass at the Basicilia with Father Emmanuel playing the pipe organ with a choir composed of members from both St. Maron and Holy Family parishes.


Sunday November 24th Church Breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by the Solberg family in memory of their parents, Peter and Mary Solberg.


Sunday December 8th Church Breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by the Kzaley and Anderson families in memory of their loved ones.


Sunday December 15th Church Breakfast

Breakfast sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.


Thursday December 18th Church Choir Concert

Come early and join us for dinner before the concert.


Sunday December 22 Church Breakfast and Santa Party ***

Breakfast sponsored by the Holy Family Society for the youth. Santa will be visiting to bring girls and boys presents and share in a delicious meal. ***CHANGE of DATE

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