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January 17: Saint Anthony the Great 250-356 A.D.

Let us meditate on the life of consecration and dedication of Saint Anthony the Great or Saint Anthony of the Desert, who is the founder of the monastic and religious life in the history of Christianity. Saint Anthony was born to a wealthy Christian family in 250 A.D. in the Saheed province of southern Egypt, when Christianity was still under persecution in the Roman Empire. At the age of 16, he lost his parents. One day in church, he heard the Gospel words, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.� (Gospel according to St Matthew 19:21). He received them as spoken to him, disposed of all his property and goods, and devoted himself exclusively to religious exercises. Long before this it had been usual for Christians to practice asceticism, abstain from marriage and exercising themselves in self-denial, fasting, prayer, and works of piety; but this they had done in the midst of their families, and without leaving house or home. Later on, in Egypt, such ascetics lived in huts, on the outskirts of the towns and villages, and this was the common practice about 270, when Anthony withdrew from the world. He began his career by practicing the ascetical life in this fashion without leaving his native place. He used to visit the various ascetics, study their lives, and try to learn from each of them the virtue in which he seemed to excel. Then he took up his abode in one of the tombs near his native village, and it was there that the book, the Life of Anthony, records those strange conflicts with demons in the shape of wild beasts, who inflicted blows upon him, at times leaving him nearly dead.

Saint Anthony lived 106 years and 90 of them were in the religious life which still influences church history. One of the three major Maronite monastic congregations is the Order Antonine Maronite (to which Abouna belongs). The order was founded in 1700, 321 years ago, following the Tridentine Council of the Catholic Church that reformed the monastic and religious life in the Catholic Church. The reform’s major action was to regroup the independent monasteries, existing for many centuries in Mount Lebanon, into religious congregations. The Order Antonine Maronite today adopts a less austere and ascetic life. You find members in the hermetic life and others in the pastoral and missionary life and education and school establishments. The Antonine Sisters are the sister order existing in North America, in Ottawa Canada and Ohio.


A Post-Pandemic Message - Relief for Lebanon

The Maronite Bishops around the World are waging a constant campaign of support and relief for our brothers and sisters in distress in Lebanon, the country of origin for the majority of the families in our church community. They are urging the Maronite communities around the world to show whatever support available by sending their donations to Caritas-Lebanon, the major Catholic charity in Lebanon and the Middle East. Every penny counts. Lebanon is affected by a dramatic economic situation and is still under economic siege. People are facing a 100 years ago WW1 famine and starvation style crisis, topped by the pandemic. Responding to this call, Holy Family Church continues to send support to Caritas-Lebanon through the Maronite Eparchy in Saint Louis. If you can, you may send your checks to Holy Family with the notation: Caritas-Lebanon. Thank you for your support to your Maronite brothers and sister in Lebanon, where the last Christian strong-hold of the Middle East is still surviving in dignity. Prayers are always a very effective way of support and they are powerful.

Faith Formation Program News

In-person Faith Formation classes begin Wednesday, September 15, from 6:30 Pm to 8 PM at church. If you cannot attend on Wednesday evening, we will also hold classes on Sunday, beginning September 19, from 8:30 AM to 10 AM. Registration begins on September 15. Zoom classes will be made available if necessary. All school-aged children are encouraged and welcome to join. Children in second grade must attend in order to make their First Communion. Thank you once again to our faculty for their dedication and support of this program which is essential for our youth and the future of our parish. Please fill out a form outside the Church Office and/or contact the program director with questions. To register, call or text Gary Schwery at (651-252-8066), gschwery@comcast.net. 

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