Abouna's Message of the Month

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Christ’s Blessings to everyone. Here comes the month of November in the middle of the fall season. The first week of November we start the new liturgical year with the Advent Season, right after the All Saints and All Souls remembrance. This Season prepares us for Christmas and the Nativity of the Lord Jesus. This season of hope and waiting for the Christ, the Savior awaited by all generations to come and save the World from sin and slavery and bestow his peace on Earth. This is how the Gospels described the coming of Jesus. Incarnated and born of the Virgin Mary’s womb in total humbleness and poverty to teach us forgiveness and repentance, purification and care. Let us take this example in our lives. Let our lives and souls prepare a place in our hearts for the Child of the Nativity and seek his peace and salvation.

I proudly continue to say that Holy Family parish is an exceptionally blessed community because of its so many dedicated and committed members and friends. Thank you all for your support and assistance to my service as pastor during the past eight years of my appointment to this beautiful parish.


The last Wednesday of October, a Halloween party was held and attended by a large number of our children. The children enjoyed everything about from the food to the activities to the treats prepared by the sponsors. Thank you sponsors, for a job well done. The Halloween for Christian Faith is the feast of Holy souls of the Saints. We pray to them to intercede for us against the evil spirits that threaten our souls and our salvation.

November starts with two major feasts that mark the beginning of the new Liturgical year, which begins with Advent from the beginning of November until Christmas. The first Feast is All Saints Day on Tuesday, November 1. The second event is All Souls remembrance on Wednesday, November 2. On November 2, All Souls Remembrance, Catholic Cemeteries open their doors and gates, and Christians, during the day, make their annual visits to the tombs of their departed beloved ones, placing flowers, roses and candles on their memorial stones, and offering prayers for the repose of their souls. The parish remembers her departed family members around the year by offering masses that are celebrated on the church altar on daily basis and we ask that you please remember Holy Family in your will, so after a long and healthy life, your memory and that of your loved ones will stay remembered on your Church Altar. The list of Memorial masses is printed in the monthly bulletin. (If you or somebody you know is not receiving the bulletin please contact the church office.) An All Saints Liturgy will be held Tuesday November 1, at 6:00 PM, which is also All Souls Remembrance Eve.

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Their good work continues to make a difference in the community, in the spirituality and souls, through educational and spiritual programs. It makes a difference in social assistance and by indirectly covering the church maintenance and upgrading. May God bless your work and after a long life, may our Lord Jesus bless you and tell you these beautiful words of salvation and reward: "Come, you, the Blessed ones of my Father and inherit the eternal Kingdom of Heaven prepared for the chosen ones before all ages" (Matthew 25, 32).

This month also hosts one of our major events: the Bingo and bake and craft sale. This is a great and fun fundraising event for the church. Thank you, organizers, sponsors and participants.

We continue to thank the church office team, the website maker, and the Facebook broadcasting team for their constant efforts to transmit all church information in bulletin and website. Although our liturgies are still being broadcast, please be aware of the actions of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops earlier this year when they reversed the dispensation from physical church attendance for Sunday Liturgy and feast days, limiting that to the sick and elderly, only. If you can go out for work or social activities, there is no reason to not respect the day of the Lord.

As always, thank you for the constant efforts of the Faith Formation and MYO teachers and leaders who never stop. Our volunteer Faith Formation teachers spend much time and effort trying their best to formulate new ways to keep on with the programs for our children. Hopefully, their efforts are matched by the parents’ commitment and encouragement. All youth, ages 6 to 12 for Faith Formation and ages 12 to 17 for MYO, are encouraged to join and participate in these wonderful programs.


On behalf of all the community of the church, we wish you a blessed month of November thanking the Lord for all his gifts and graces that He always bestows upon us.


Abouna Emmanuel Nakhle-Ghorr +

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